Check out my un-retouched pictures, all achieved without resorting to any of the latest miracle diet pills, and my video at the bottom of the page. Coming up with "before" pictures was not easy, since I was not enthused about getting my picture taken and often dressed in a manner that covered up my size. However I did find some more after much digging. I most likely will not add any more before pics, but I will be posting a stream of after's. This is what I really looked like before, this is what I really look like now! The root of this success was diet and exercise, not any miracle diet pill. This is what most people do not want to hear, but I did not use any miracle diet pills. Simply a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. If I can achieve these results, so can you! Check out the rest of my site. I will be posting tips, and I have selected products that I found to contain reliable, effective and safe
My before picture is not too bad here, but definitely room for improvement!
I got thinner and the cat got fatter!
No miracle diet pills here either - just hard work!
I definitely look better wearing a smaller tuxedo!
My loose shirt cover a multitude of sins, long since absolved! Just note that my before & after is reversed here.
Done with a lifestyle change, not miracle diet pills!
Both photos I was eating sweet desserts, but at the time of the right photo, I learned how to enjoy and stay slim.
This photo highlights how large I really was before!
The picture on the right was taken November 25, 2007.
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information about weight loss. You will feel much better about accomplishing your weight loss with your own efforts than if you had took the easy way and used the latest miracle diet pill! Check out the products page now for real weight loss products that will get your weight off and keep it off forever!

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Not one of my finer physiques! To think this was done without using the latest miracle diet pills! The after picture was taken June 2, 2008.

Just think, my belly was even larger than the picture on the top! But now its the size of the one on the bottom (taken 05-13-2008). Again, simply smart eating and fat burning exercises did the job, not the latest miracle diet pill here!

My Transformational Video
Thanks to reliable ways to lose weight and weight loss plans, I acheived this without any miracle diet pill!