On this page I organized the products and resources that were valuable for my 80 pound weight loss. These products work - the proof is in my pictures. The fitness and weight loss industry is constantly changing, and as I find new products are are safe and effective, I will add them here.
I buy most of my nutritional supplies at an online store called mysupplementstore.com. They have a huge selection of products at very competitive prices. When factoring in no sales taxes and free shipping for orders over $50, it is a no-brainer. You can find any nutritional related product here, from simple vitamins, all Hoodia brands, all the way to professional-grade bodybuilding supplements. Whenever you read about a particular supplement on this site, you will find it at this store and find it cheaper. Browse their site, it looks very professional and easy to navigate. Click on the banner below and you will be taken there immediately.
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