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For all of my childhood and during my early adult years I was one of those lucky people who really could - and did - eat anything and everything I wanted and not gain any weight. Well that changed and I became overweight! While I was in need of a successful weight loss plan, instead I simply pretended the problem did not exist.

Obviously that attitude got me nowhere, and before I even turned 30, I reached the point of being obese. It was then I took my weight seriously. I knew what I needed to do, it was summoning the willpower that was holding me back. So for years,
I tried dieting, I would lose weight, then gain it back, plus additional pounds! By my early thirties, I was at 240 pounds, estimated body fat of 35%!!

While my weight stabilized, this was a clearly unhealthy situation for me. Being obese I was at serious risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke!! Recently research studies are now showing growing
connections between obesity and cancer! But what? I tried dieting, exercising, popping all manner of diet pills, and yet I was still obese.
So, I decided to do my own research into weight loss. I eventually realized, the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to take ownership of my weight management. Therefore I needed to come up with my own customized, successful weight loss plan. Such a plan would be easy for me stick to but also give me the results I am after. After reading extensively, Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, I formulated my own plan, and executed it!

The results even caught me off guard! I had calculated at the very best I would lose three pounds a week, assuming I completed adhered to my plan - and of course I did not. Even so, I was losing six pounds per week, and I sustained this loss for six weeks!! Based on my research, I ramped up my water consumption, nearly tripling the amount of water I was drinking from before, so water loss was not a factor. I tracked my body fat composition, muscle loss was less than about 5%.

After six weeks, the rate of loss did slow down, but I was still losing fat on average of four pounds a week! When I reached 160 pounds, I would lose no more weight. But I that was okay, I was now at 12% body fat, I looked completely different, and
I looked better, according to my friends and relatives! So far it has been 16 months, and the weight is not only still off, and my body fat is down to 8.9%!
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My Story Of My Successful Weight Loss Plan
Only After Years Of Struggle Did I Acheive Success!

Obviously what I was doing was not accomplishing anything towards controlling my weight. Indeed, constantly having my weight bounce like a yo-yo has also been reported to have negative long-term health effects. What I really needed was a weight loss plan that would successfully keep me in control of my weight. The problem is, I am an individualist, I like doing things my own way!

Now, it is your turn to take control over your weight! I will be placing results of my research on this site, the sources of information I used, and even parts of my own plan. Use these as a basis to devise your own personalized successful weight loss plan. Feel free to explore here, check out the stuff that I described, they really helped me, and they could help you too. I look forward to hearing your success story!

Your Friend In Weight Loss,

Here I am now, celebrating freedom from my weight, freedom from obesity, enjoying all the benefits my personal triumph brought me. Why don't you begin today so that you too may experience great personal victory?