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Alongside the article on chicken breasts, let us discuss fried chicken. This is but another example of how processing can take an inherently healthy food and for all intents and purposes destroy its health value. Chicken, particularly the breast portion, is a very healthy meat item. But when it is fried in grease, as it is done in many fast food places, the chicken becomes unhealthy and works against weight loss. A normal chicken breast portion is almost pure protein with only 27 calories of fat. This same portion is prepared by frying methods typical of most fast food restaurants however, it now contains 234 calories of fat, and 28 calories of refined carbohydrates. Until recently, most fast food places cooked their chicken in oils containing trans fats, compounding the bad health effects. Many are claiming they no longer do so, but given that partially hydrogenated oils are much cheaper, one cannot be certain they really are. To conclude, if you really desire to lose weight, fried chicken is best avoided. An occasional indulging will not be a problem, if it is only once in a while and the chicken was not fried in any trans fat oils, otherwise fried chicken is best avoided for improved weight loss results.