The incredible, edible Egg

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For anyone getting into healthy eating, they would be amiss to ignore the health benefits of eating eggs. Of course, ordinarily when eggs are mentioned, it is chicken eggs being referenced, however much of the same benefits are found in all avian eggs (and probably applies to reptilian eggs though - eaten in some parts of the world).

Eggs are self-contained; other than oxygen they need to come with all the materials needed to create a new bird. This means for us, eggs are very nutrient rich, in the amino acids as well as key vitamins and minerals. The two main components of eggs that we are concerned with are the egg white, also referred to as albumen, and the yolk. Each has different characteristics and functions. The egg white serves primarily as a water source for the embryo and is almost pure protein. Indeed, before whey protein powders came on the market, egg whites were the quintessential protein source for athletes. Even now, egg whites are still the baseline that other foods' protein values are compared. Eggs have a high biological value meaning they will be absorbed fairly quickly, and more completely than other foods. Only whey protein powders can beat egg whites in this regard.

The yolk contains all the "raw materials" for the developing embryo. It is rich in fats and proteins - indeed egg yolks are one of the few food sources that have all 22 amino acids. Egg yolks also are high in cholesterol, causing eggs to often have a bad rap in the media. For years scientists have been stating that eating the yolk raises blood cholesterol levels. Lately though, they have been saying the yolk has no impact on blood cholesterol levels, but now some have flipped back. Personally I err on the side of caution, and will eat one, maybe two, yolks for every five eggs. Five egg whites with one yolk mixed in makes a very delicious and highly nutritious breakfast.

Eggs should always be cook thoroughly. Rocky Balboa might have thought eating raw eggs was hip, but salmonella is a real threat and according to CDC estimates 5000 people die from contaminated eggs. If any part of the egg is runny, then it is not cooked enough. Prepared safely, eggs are a perfect addition to a healthy, clean, and weight friendly diet, loaded with protein and other nutrients.