Most people today avoid gaining weight as much as possible. Common notion is that over eating is the cause when a person gains weight. But only few understand that there could be reasons other than too much eating that may lead to weight gain. These reasons are as follows:
1.        Underlying illness or disease. Some prominent illnesses such as Diabetes and thyroid problem predispose a person to gain weight. Diabetes deals with deficiency to deal with glucose or sugar while it thyroid illnesses such a hyperthyroidism affects the metabolism of the body. Studies revealed that at least 10% of women with thyroid problems gain weight. Mostly, illnesses or diseases that are linked to weight gain deals with hormonal imbalances. Another example of this type of cause is also menopause.
2.        Medication. Regularly taking prescribed medication for certain diseases or illness also causes a person to gain weight. Sudden medication change and taking contraceptive pill and steroids are also causes of weight gain. Steroids are sometimes used to treat some illness like asthma and IBS. Therefore, it is best to consult the doctor not only for the effects of the prescribed drug but also the side effects of it.
3.        Fatty food craving. Because of being so conscious not to gain weight you avoided fatty foods altogether. But, the body also needs the correct percentage of fat intake for some specific functions. If fat consumption is less than 33% of the calorie intake and 10% of it should be saturated fats, this would lead to fatty food cravings. This is when weight gain is likely to occur. Not all fats are bad for the health like the omega-3 fats found in fish. Remember that taking the right amount of fat is not at all bad for the body.
4.        Depression. Being depressed or sad usually leads a person to eat and eat to feel better. This is a usual psychological response when an emotional stress is experienced. Unfortunately, the food that usually makes a person feel better are those that can lead to weight gain such as chocolates, chips, and other fried foods. In addition, when person feels depressed, the metabolism also slows down thus, another contributing factor to gaining weight.
5.        Stress. A common misconception that when a person is stressed he or she can lose weight because of the irregular eating pattern. But the opposite is likely to happen because the stress hormone Cortisol blocks weight loss. In turn, during stress state, the body stores more calories to turn into fat thus leads to weight gain.
Diet. The body could interpret dieting, especially the starving type, as a form of stress. Again, calories will be stored and turned to fats that the body needs.
If you are gaining weight, aside from being aware now of the many cause of weight gain, seeking the help of a professional such as a doctor can enlighten you of the true cause of you condition.
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