One of the things I discovered in my research was the role of the thyroid gland and weight loss, and how badly I was treating my thyroid, and many other overweight people are likely doing the same thing. The thyroid gland controls the body's metabolism, and anything that disrupts its function will slow your metabolism down, and make losing weight that much harder. Read on to find out if you may be preventing your thyroid from working at full stream.
One of the first facts I uncovered, from several reports, is that the artificial sweetener Aspartame has been shown to disrupt thyroid hormone production. Aspartame happens to be the most commonly used artificial sweetener in the world. I decided to determine if these reports were true. I abstained from Aspartame, drinking Splenda-based sodas. Please note, this in no way implies Splenda is completely safe, but only that it was used as a substitute for Aspartame-based soft drinks. Splenda has reported to have its own issues with the body, however as my results will demonstrate, impacting the thyroid does not appear to be one of them. Ideally you should be drinking water but only but many people, like myself love their soda. If you must drink a soda, avoid regular and Aspartame-based sodas while you are specifically on a rapid fat loss plan. Coca Cola does manufacture a Splenda-based version of Diet Coke, but I could not find any for Pepsi. Another set of reports suggested that certain fruits and vegetables contain substances that can have a slight negative impact on the thyroid gland. Fruits such as peaches and apricots and pears have been shown to impair thyroid function. Additionally, broccoli and cauliflower have thiourea, a substance that is known to reduce thyroid function as well. Limit your consumption of these food while on a specific fat-loss plan.
Your thyroid primarily used two substances to produce the T3 hormone; iodine and the amino acid tyrosine. I decided to experiment by taking kelp tablets - rich in iodine - and tyrosine supplements. But if you prefer a dietary source of iodine, almost any seafood (but not food from freshwater lakes) will have iodine in abundance. Chicken breasts are loaded with tyrosine, which is another reason many bodybuilders eat lots of chicken breasts. Additionally, I learned in my research that thyroid extract and olive leaves (along with kelp tablets) were used by old-school body builders to minimize fat gain while trying to build muscle. Because you must eat more calories than you burn to build muscle, gaining fat along with muscle growth becomes inevitable. Supposedly thyroid extract and olive leaves cause the thyroid gland to produce more hormone. "Old school" body builders took these supplements to offset the increase in body fat. So I experimented with those substances as well. The result; almost immediately I began see significant weight loss. I was at the same time eating clean and doing intensive cardio training, true. However, doing the math, based on the diet and exercise I was doing, I should not have lost more than three pounds per week, I was losing six - and I was occasionally cheating on my diet at the same time (and slacked off a couple times on my training). I am convinced cutting out Aspartame and taking the supplements were key in the extra weight loss I experienced, it allowed my thyroid to become a dynamo. No other explanation I can find for the amount of weight I was losing, particularly during the first six weeks.
If you too are struggling with your weight, consider eliminating Aspartame from your diet, and possibly adding the supplements I described to your diet. I felt no ill effects from taking any of those supplements, and being slim again feels awesome. With the exception of the raw thyroid extract, you can find all of the supplements at rock bottom prices at here - no sales taxes and if you buy more than $50 shipping is free
. Raw thyroid extract is a little more difficult to find, but I found a real good deal for you here. Take care of your thyroid and you will significantly help your weight loss.
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