This page contains other very helpful products that I used for my own weight loss journey. While not essential, they were nonetheless extremely helpful to me in achieving an 80-pound weight loss.
One of the first moves you need to do when you want to lose weight is to track what you are eating. How can you know if you are burning more calories if you do not know how much you are eating?

For months I tediously used a spreadsheet to journal my eating. Recently I discovered a program called Proper Nutrition Made Easy, at $25, try before you buy, it has greatly simplified this process. Contains huge database of exercises and activities. Learn more about this little gem by clicking on their banner!
If you only have a normal bathroom scale, that will not be sufficient. You are going to need to get a scale with bioelectric impedance analysis. This will allow you to know not only your weight - which should not be your focus in any case - but also your water content and body fat percentages. I like the high end scale, because it lets me know my visceral fat and muscle mass as well.

Knowing your water content will let you know if you are losing water weight, and you can adjust accordingly. Knowing your body fat percentage will let you know if your fat percent is decreasing. If your weight is decreasing but your fat percent is unchanging or increasing - you will know immediately you need to make adjustments to your plan.

The body tape measure makes measuring different parts of my body a snap, anything that makes it easy on your weight loss journey makes it easier for you to stick with it.
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