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Chicken breasts are perhaps one of the most popular food item of bodybuilders, and for good reason. It consists of almost pure protein, very little fat, and virtually no carbohydrates. Additionally, the constituent proteins consist of a vast assortment of amino acids, including some essential amino acids, and in sizeable quantities. At least 13 amino acids, including leucine, arginine, and tyrosine, are present in chicken breasts in quantities that exceed most supplements. As stated previously, chicken breasts are very low in fat, without the skin, they are typically about 97% fat free. A typical portion is about 4 ounces, and only has approximately 27 calories from fat, before factoring the cooking oils. This combination makes chicken breasts a perfect component for weight loss meals.
 The chief complaint about chicken breasts is the bland flavor, especially after one eats them over and over. In my view, this is a minor problem, the benefits clearly outweighed the bland taste. In any case I learned to many different ways I could enrich the flavor; marinating, seasoning, different modes of cooking. Mrs. Dash produces many salt-free seasonings; I can have a different flavor every day of the week. This kept my meals much less bland, and as a result chicken breasts had a major role in my 80-pound weight loss.